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Update – new contents

Update – new contents

Life beyond travel, short articles, podcasts and more!

Hello dear adventurer! How are you doing?

It's been over a year now since I started this blog and although I've always believed in it I've never been fully sure what its future would be like.

Personal changes and experiences

Over the past few months many things have changed: in my life, in ours and in the formation of my person.

I opened “Be Adventurer” in the midst of the pandemic last January, having just returned from Australia with the intention of sharing what that experience and the travels I had made had left me; it was therefore born out of a need to share my emotions almost as a personal outburst.


In the months that followed, however, many experiences presented themselves to me. Last June, I started my first real work experience and temporarily "settled" in Italy and in my hometown. This allowed me to save some money and therefore to travel much more than I could have imagined.

Months later, I have seen my life turn upside down with everything that my travels and experiences have given me; on the basis of this, I have seen my person transform once again, enriching itself.


As you may have noticed if you have been following me for some time, my stories have always featured travel articles and, having walked Via Degli Dei (Gods' Path) last June, I decided to dedicate a stage-by-stage article to it, as it was an extremely surprising and special journey and experience: I would define this path as my point of departure and rebirth after my return from Australia.

These stories "took" me a lot of time because without realizing it I put all the emotions I had in my heart between the lines of the articles and for this reason you will have noticed that they are rather long and in a fictional style.

I am proud to have finished them for giving a sense of completeness but now it is time for changes. As with all the transformations that have accompanied me in these rapid months I have come to a better understanding of what I want to convey in this little space of mine on the web and I have learned more about my main interests.

Not just travel anymore

I love to travel but telling about my experiences is not exactly what satisfies me the best, rather I realized that what I want to convey are above all the emotions, the gratitude, the personal growth they give me. I realized that what satisfies me much more is trying to inspire the reader in some way to take that difficult step, to jump in and seek stability and joy.


Through all these experiences I have in fact found my balance and emotional stability, making me grateful and happy every day. I therefore thought:

"why not trying to pass on these values to the whole world?

It didn't take me long to decide

So from now on I will be writing articles based on emotions, happiness, gratitude, personal growth and I will also be throwing in a few words based on my travel experiences because they are what have given me this balance, a fundamental part of my life and what have brought me here.

I want to try to give you value and help you embrace the difficult, making you understand how important it is to find a bit of courage to be happy.

Short articles

In order to send a clear and targeted message to you, dear reader, I want to change the structure of my articles.

I will do this by making them extremely short so that they do not exceed five to six minutes of reading time and focus all the attention on a few dense and clear concepts.

This will therefore allow me to publish more frequently and capture your attention more, hopefully helping you in a concrete way to deal with various aspects of life.

I also have no intention of ending the podcasts I had recently started.

Now I'm thinking of creating dual content where in the written articles I'll talk about concepts I want to pass on to you while in my podcasts I'll tell you fun and interesting adventures/reminders of journeys I've been on.


Finally, I am increasingly active on Instagram where I share thoughts on happiness, personal growth and travel stories. On the platform is where you will find the main updates so I invite you to follow me if you don't already!

Let's continue the journey together!

I would like to point out that my experiences, travels and the phase of life that I am living will be characterized by strong changes which may see future variations to the project. If you want to stay up to date, just keep an eye on my content and find out all the news in advance.


I am extremely excited about the development of the site and the future content I will be blogging. I can't wait and hope to hear from you soon!

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any suggestions for improvement or ideas to bring I'm more than happy to hear them!


Thanks for your time, see ya soon!

And don't forget to dare, love and be grateful every single day.

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Viaggio per trovare la migliore versione di me stesso. Scrivo per condividere l'importanza di utilizzare il viaggio come strumento per conoscersi e superare i propri limiti.

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