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Be Adventurer was born during my stay in Australia. More precisely during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I lost my job and made up for it by starting to make deliveries by bike but, as enthusiastic as I was at first, I really didn't like that job. So much so that one day, sitting on a bench waiting for yet another delivery I started thinking about an alternative and, for some reason, I got the idea to start this project.

Project that, alas, I will see it come true only some time after my return to Italy for an economic factor.

However, this did not prevent me from starting to write and, in fact, I did not waste time.

So it was born as a need that soon becomes passion and one day, perhaps, work.

With Be adventurer I care about sharing the stories of my travel experiences trying to impart the true meaning and the value that there is behind it.

The purpose, therefore, is to leave an imprint inside the reader that leads him to reflect and travel with the mind.

This blog, however, won’t be just tales.

The goal is to spread curiosity and highlight the importance of travel as a means of growth.

I would also like to provide useful advice for your next trips.

Be Adventurer, therefore, is proposed as a guide and, no less important, a travel companion.

Finally this blog wants to be interactive.

I believe in the importance of sharing and listening, that's why I want to give a lot of importance to you readers by giving you a dedicated space.

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Viaggio per trovare la migliore versione di me stesso. Scrivo per condividere l'importanza di utilizzare il viaggio come strumento per conoscersi e superare i propri limiti.

About Be Adventurer

Born in Ferrara, Italy, Be Adventurer is a blog of Alex Negrini
The main purpose of the site is to share and promote travel as a means of growth.
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