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How being grateful will change the way you travel

How being grateful will change the way you travel

You need very little if you can open your arms and mind.

Okay, so you're a hardcore traveler too, or you just like to travel and during this time of closure you feel caged in. You're not the only one.


What plagues me the most during this pandemic is the inability to do what's on my mind anytime I want to.

If you share these feelings, I understand you; I'm here to tell you, however, that there is a solution, always and everywhere. As far as I'm concerned, I've found it in thankfulness and love for the little things.


In this article I'm not going to explain how to develop gratitude, because it's a slow and strictly personal process, it's up to you to find your own path.

Instead I want to tell you how it saved me by making me appreciate the simplest things like, for example: sleeping in the garden of the house.

A couple of weeks ago I had a sudden urge to go camping.

I envisioned myself being able to take the car and go, aimlessly, wherever my heart took me; pitch the tent and enjoy an evening in close contact with nature. Of course, I couldn't do that.


Among the many skills that are developed by traveling, however, there is a very important one in particular: the increasing creativity and therefore also knowing how to get around problems. Nothing more banal: I camped in the garden!


It takes so little, so little, believe me. I had never set up a tent and a few times in my life I had bivouacked. The idea excited me so much that I slept very few hours that night.


And so, on the chosen evening, I immediately put myself in the perspective of a true traveler.

The night

As a first step I concentrated on choosing the location, which was highly interesting because I calculated where I could best enjoy the sunrise.

Then I followed a tutorial on how to set up the tent; having never done it before I lost a lot of time but I had a lot of fun because, just as happens in travel, I learned something new and it was wonderful!

I slowly inflated the mattress and boom! Everything was ready. Well, in part at least.


All that was left was to wait for the sun to go down.

In the meantime I prepared a delicious hot chocolate, some delicious almond biscuits and selected a good Human Safari adventure video, plus a good accompanying book.


The evening thus began and I savored it from the first second, I was so excited!

I had a hard time getting to sleep because by now I was really getting into the mood, for me it was a return to travel! It was something I had never taken into consideration, that of camping in the backyard, yet it completely surprised me.


Not being able to get to sleep late at night, I took the opportunity to jump out of the tent, take a stroll under the starry sky and admire the constellations. They enchant me, I would spend hours and hours observing them!

I had never stopped to contemplate the sky in the garden of my house, it was special.


And I admit, I had to go to the ends of the world to understand this but you don't need anything more than a little adventure, love of life and a little bit of a dreamy soul, to be able to enjoy the little things and be grateful.

I assure you, however, that there is no need to fly thousands of miles to develop this skill indeed, I believe this period in which our freedom has been limited, has been and can be an excellent way to make us more thankful and know how to value simplicity.

The morning

At dawn I could hear amplified sounds I had always ignored from my quiet bedroom. I remember there was this bird with a very distinctive call that repeated the sound every handful of minutes. It wasn't annoying, I found it fascinating and somewhat amusing. Maybe too much. I laughed at the very idea of laughing at a chirping sound.

Nothing unnerved me in those early moments of the day despite the few hours of sleep, because the peace of the surrounding nature relaxed me infinitely.


It was an equally slow morning, I took my time to savor the sweet first lights of twilight, accompanied by the gentle chirping of birds, while sipping a warm and enveloping herbal tea.

I was really surprised by that backyard adventure: in its simplicity it really filled, for a moment, my wanderlust and well-being.

It made me realize that you can travel and be happy even in your hometown and, most importantly, in the garden of your residence.


This is proof that being grateful is what you need to have a better life.


Don't have a garden? No problem, you will surely have a window! It won't be the same but why not sit in front of it and spend the night looking at the stars? It relaxes me a lot.

If you like to write, you could take this as an opportunity to scribble some thoughts, to me personally it stimulates a lot of creativity and makes me dream so much. Or put on a pair of headphones and relax while sipping herbal tea, or whatever you like.

That's all it takes.

Final thoughts

Fall in love with the little things, they are the ones that make you live the best.

Live for the sunrises and sunsets. And thrill to the colors of the sky, the chirping of the birds and the sounds of nature.


Every place is magical in its own way, don't get stuck on appearances. You just have to learn to look at circumstances from a different perspective. You may discover details in your garden that you never imagined!

Dream, and get excited.

This is the story of how being grateful changed the way I look at various situations, making me realize that you can simply travel even in your backyard or, even more trivially, with your thoughts.

I really hope I've given you some insights and made you reflect about the power of small things.


I conclude by recommending you one of my favorite songs: Ale – Chapala.

I like to listen to it in exactly these kinds of situations but also, in general, when I want to relax. I hope you like it!

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  • Pierangela
    23 April 2021

    Come sempre trovo il tempo per leggere i tuoi articoli e come sempre mi accorgo che leggendoli mi si stampa un bel sorriso sulle labbra. Li trovo piacevoli, semplici e interessanti. Alla prossima grande sognatore.

  • Mehwish amir lakhani
    12 July 2021

    See… I promised you to visit your site on medium and I am here now. You described the beauty of nature so beautifully… I love reading it. Thanks.


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