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How are you feeling today?

How are you feeling today?

Let's journal together.

Welcome back, dear reader!


It's been quite a while since the last article I wrote and I admit every time I wonder why I let so much time pass.


If you follow me on Instagram though, you will know that the past few weeks have been very important and eventful for me, in fact I recently finished a wonderful exploration trip with my sister in India! (If you missed it, you can find the whole report of our trip in my instagram stories.


This kept me away from the screen for more than a month, yet I had really missed writing.


My return to Melbourne was more “traumatic” than I expected.

It has been a long time since I have experienced travel homesickness and it’s not such a pleasant feeling; however, I decided to reflect on my thoughts and try to understand why I feel this way and what I can do to feel better.

I have talked about this before, yet I feel it’s necessary and essential to reiterate how a simple daily practice helps me to stay grounded and listen to my thoughts: journaling.

What it is and why it’s important to journal

Journaling is a very simple and personal practice that simply consists of transcribing the thoughts you have during the day onto a sheet of paper.


You may think that seeing your negative thoughts written down on a blank sheet of paper will only make things worse, but the real result of this writing technique is to “empty” your head.


In fact, you will notice that by writing down all your emotions and thoughts, or in any case everything that goes through your mind, unconsciously your mind will become lighter.

This is because you have simply allowed yourself not only to listen to your doubts and worries, but by writing them down on paper you have also allowed your head to free itself of these emotions and thus made room for more important things.

How to do journaling

The thing I like best about journaling is that there is no set rule: all you have to do is write and/or draw and/or paint whatever is on your mind.


What helps me daily to start the practice is a simple question: "how do you feel today?


By asking myself this small question I automatically start thinking about all my emotions and I just throw them down on paper.

I really like to draw (even though I'm bad at it) because when I open that page in my notebook I can immediately connect my mood of that day without having to re-read everything.

Let's journal together

Today I wanted to introduce you to this technique because, having experienced its wonderful benefits first-hand, I believe it can help you too.

Therefore I invite you at this very moment to take a piece of paper and your favorite pen and simply ask yourself how you are.


No need to worry about where or how to write and draw, remember: there are no rules.


Just doodle or draw some neat details.

If you feel it necessary, you can also write a simple sentence or draw a simple mark, or a dot.

Remember: it only has to make sense to you.


And now that you have had the input, free your mind.

Let your hand go unrestrained and ink the pages as much as you can.


If you are happy, write it down. 

If you are sad, write it down.

If you feel grateful, write it down.

If you feel stressed, write it down.


Anything that creates confusion in your head should be written down.

That is your safe space where you can enclose your thoughts and leave your mind free so that it focuses on more important things.

How are you feeling today?

Keep asking yourself this question every day and why not, also during the course of your day.

Many people are frightened by their thoughts but listening to them is the first step towards well-being.


I really hope you enjoyed today's article, but above all, I hope it was useful.

Remember that our personal well-being should always come before anything else, and never forget that life is beautiful.


Have a good life!

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I travel to find the best version of myself. I write to share the importance of using travel as a tool to get to know each other and overcome one's limits.


  • Pierangela
    12 September 2023

    Oh …finalmente un articolo per farmi i fatti tuoi e così prendo spunto per fare meglio i fatti miei. Grazie dei suggerimenti e continua così ti sento bello carico e questo mi rasserena tantissimo. Buon tutto allora e alla prossima.


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