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How to make the most of the present moment?

How to make the most of the present moment?

Practical exercises to learn to stay focused on the present.

Here I am again.

I am finally back to writing after a few weeks of “hiatus” spent traveling between Holland, Spain and Italy and I admit that every time I return to writing it is always a special thrill.

I have been thinking for a long time about what theme I should write about in my next article and to do so I have taken my cue from these last few weeks of constant change in which I have been looking forward to returning home to friends and loved ones and so I would like to make a careful reflection on the concept of time and how to make the most of the present moment.

Time as the main resource

Time is our most precious resource: the one that goes beyond money because while the latter is being generated, time is flowing and cannot be recovered.

Precisely for this reason, it is extremely important to treasure and, above all, embrace every single second of it, and in the past month, I have realized that I have been blatantly sinning in this process.


I have spent weeks upon weeks waiting to return.

Waiting to see my family, my friends, my deepest affections and bonds, and simply the comfort of “home”. Which may sound special, yet I realized that all I was doing was living waiting for a “due date”, waiting for that day when I would return, and now that the time has come I realize how much time I have thrown away.


I, who have always preached that I should live for every second, that every day is magical in its own way and that one should appreciate it to the fullest... I have never stopped agreeing with this philosophy and indeed embrace it more and more every day, yet looking back on the past few weeks I realize how I have only ever had a glimpse of the future, letting the present slip by – and this is an unforgivable mistake.

Showing gratitude is the key

As human beings it is totally normal to worry about the future, but we should not allow our thoughts to focus only on it and thus let the here and now, the delightful moments of each day, escape us.

I am writing this article precisely to help you realize this very important concept that we too often forget.


Practical exercises to learn to stay focused on the present


To help you make the most of every single one of your days, even the one that seems the greyest and most irredeemable, I have prepared a small list of things to do at the end of each sunset to help you remember that every day is a gift and that we should be extremely grateful for it.


Here is the list I have prepared for you:

Make a list of at least three positive things that happened during the day

They can be very small things like having eaten a good plate of pasta or having seen a small colorful insect, or having spent time in nature. It doesn't matter if they are big things - this is to make you realize and be grateful for the small things we take for granted.

Make a list of all the negative thoughts of the day and try to answer the question "why" you had these thoughts

This exercise is extremely helpful in understanding where you are channeling your energy most and is useful in learning to accept negative thoughts. Often seeing our doubts written down on paper, even a few weeks later, helps us to see things more clearly and from a different perspective.

And finally, some daily affirmation

Try to give yourself a “self-love” goal for the day in which you take care of yourself and love yourself: it can be writing down some positive qualities that set you apart or simply giving yourself a few moments of wellbeing. This is also an extremely useful exercise to remind you that you exist and that you are the author of your life.

I used these journaling methods a few months ago when I was realizing that my mind was only ever focused on the future and they really helped me to stay focused on the present.

We cannot always control everything we want but it is important to be able to accept it because that is how life works and I would add that this is its magic – what fun would there be otherwise?

Appreciate the unpredictable and always, always remember that even in the darkest days there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is up to you to find it by digging into the little things.

And remember all those times you thought you couldn't make it: months and years later you are still here. This means that nothing is as difficult as it seems and that if you learn to dig and know how to find the energy within you, then and only then will you no longer let yourself be frightened by negative events because you will have learnt that it is only thanks to them that we have grown and that we can continue to grow.


Have a good life!

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  • Pierangela
    27 July 2022

    Alex, leggo i tuoi pensieri. Hai la capacità di renderti così trasparente che riesco a percepire quello che provi nel profondo del tuo animo.. Sei diventato grande, fuori e dentro e tutto il merito è tuo. Sono orgogliosa di te. Continua così. Vai avanti e tira fuori tutta la tua grinta. Buona vita. Te la meriti tutta.


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