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What are we really looking for?

What are we really looking for?

A reflection on what really matters.

It’s a time of deep and long reflections that I am going through these months in Melbourne, and as I often meet new people from various parts of the world, new doubts and thoughts continually arise that make me reflect.


In fact, a few days ago, while talking to a dear person, we were having a conversation about what we wanted to get out of life and her answer made me think for hours, so much so that I felt it was important to share my thoughts on the matter.

"How do you imagine your dream life?"

I asked this person how she would imagine her “dream” life and how she planned to achieve it and her answer was as follows:


"I want to make sure I have everything I've always had.

Lots of holidays, a big holiday home on an island, the opportunity to travel a lot and have a nice big property to live in".


At the moment I smiled and imagined how nice it would be to own all those things and for a few moments I thought maybe I would like it too.

However, when she asked me what I wanted from my life, everything suddenly froze.


Suddenly I looked around me.

I looked at everything that was surrounding me and the current life I am living: in that exact instant I realized that I didn't need anything else mi sono accorto che non avevo bisogno d’altro.


I have a job I love and friends who are extremely special... strong and deep connections.

For the first time in my life I also realized that I don't even feel the need to travel (something I have been desperately seeking for the past few years), because I realize that I am fine and have everything I need.

"What do we really want?"

I analyzed her answer and wondered why she wanted to own all those possessions and soon realized that, unconsciously, she was associating all those things with happiness.


How often do we do this without realizing it?

We think that getting the dream house, taking that long-awaited trip, filling ourselves up with things, things, things... make us happy.

And we forget instead the beauty that is all around us and how simple the concept of happiness really is.

Think about what really makes you happy

I have spent years myself fantasizing about all the things I wanted in my life, only to finally come to one simple conclusion: happiness lies in our minds.


All we need are strong human connections, having a job that satisfies and motivates us, cultivating hobbies that keep us motivated and satisfied.

Here... I realized that I do not need any great material value to be truly happy, but rather the value I really need lies in love, in one's family, in the little things that surround us.

Final reflection

With today's reflection I would like you to really start thinking about why you think you want that particular thing.

Do you really need it or is it simply because you associate it with happiness?


At the end of our days, all we want and need is always and only to be happy. So I invite you, instead of always searching for the “more”, try searching for the “less”.


Understand what you really want from your life by reflecting on your happiness, dig inside yourself and look around.

Happiness lies in love, the goodness of your family, deep connections and friendships that really matter. Happiness is being in tune with yourself and feeling that you don't need anything else.


Instead of always looking for that extra something in objects and experiences, try to start looking for happiness in what really matters.

The simplicity of life.

If you manage to adopt this state of mind and this philosophy of life, I can assure you that everything will magically become simpler and you will realize that happiness (as well as life itself), is not as difficult as we are made to believe.

And don't forget to love yourself, because that is the greatest form of love you can have.


Have a good life!

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I travel to find the best version of myself. I write to share the importance of using travel as a tool to get to know each other and overcome one's limits.


  • Pierangela
    5 July 2023

    Bellissimo articolo Alex. Hai dato una risposta bellissima. Mi fa piacere che hai realizzato di essere felice e di avere tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno. Se solo tutti riflettessimo come te ci renderemo conto che alla fine non è così difficile essere felici. Come dici tu, la felicità è dentro di noi. Alle volte fa fatica ad uscire fuori perché ci perdiamo in pessimi pensieri e ci disperiamo per questi. Si sa che i giorni “così così” ci sono sempre ma se oggi siamo giù sicuramente domani non sarà la stessa cosa e visto che si impara dagli errori, ci dobbiamo impegnare per vivere i giorni successivi con tanta gioia e magari la trasmettiamo a chi ne ha di meno. Continua a fare questo bellissimo percorso di vita e la amerai sempre di più. Un abbraccio forte.

  • Pierangela
    8 July 2023



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