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Where do I end up?

Where do I end up?

I have never been so present!

No, I didn't abandon any project and no, I didn't disappear.

It's true, a lot of time has passed but I have never really set aside Be Adventurer” on the contrary, it has always been in my thoughts and the long break has rather allowed me to reflect on what I really want to convey with it and has helped me to come up with new ideas that I can implement in order to involve the readers more.


So here I am again: at home, regenerated and up and running again, ready to share lots of new content!

But how do I justify my long absence?

More than three months have passed since my last published article, but if I told you that I haven't written due to lack of time it would just be an excuse.

The truth is that this summer I found a job that, although not very time-consuming, has slowly drained me. This has severely dampened my motivation to write and led me to prefer entertainment.

What kind of leisure activity? Well, it's clear: travel! For me, there is no better antidote for stress.

What dragged me away from the screen and the writing, however, were also the two months of almost full-time travel that I started to undertake around mid-August.

Weeks and weeks in which I took in and fully absorbed everything that nature, people and life presented in front of me.

It was great, but I admit that I had missed writing.

The first escape

I started with a short trip I used to take every here and there during the summer weekends. It was yet another four-day trek but this time with friends in Umbria, Italy.

It was the "Sentiero dei Borghi Silenti" (Silent Villages Trail): a fantastic loop trail perfect for resting the heart and mind since, as the name suggests, the trail is truly silent. Zero cars, few souls and lots of nature! The perfect trip for the period I was living in.

Those who follow me on Instagram surely already know what I'm talking about thanks to the featured stories. If you missed them, you can check them out here.

Strolling through the narrow streets of Umbria

One of the wonderful silent villages

Beautiful natural landscapes

Discovering a new land

The following week, however, I "organised" a little improvised getaway with a friend to Poland! It wasn't a trip I had planned but thanks to Workaway I met a Polish girl this summer who asked me to travel together so I took the opportunity, taking advantage of the fact that my friend knew another Polish girl and together we decided to venture into the unknown and the little known and spoken Poland.

It was a quick but intense four days of travel.

We were lucky enough to explore the country as locals and also discover less touristy but extremely fascinating areas! Poland was a wonderful surprise and I've talked about that too in my featured stories on Instagram, you can see them here.

Bonfire at locals' homes

Poland - Nature Parks

The long break

And then the big trip! The one that I had been waiting for months but that the job prevented me from doing. A trip to break away from the occupation that had consumed me over the summer months. I needed and very much wanted to leave my job and routines at home and change my mind for a while.

I chose to take a month to do this and decided to volunteer abroad!


Given my immense desire to try surfing, the initial idea was to find a place where I could practice the sport but then, while browsing around on the Workawaywebsite, I found a wonderful opportunity in Portugal: this wonderful glamping site located in the middle of nowhere in the Portuguese mountains.

A place isolated from everything and everyone, with the nearest town about twenty minutes away by car. A place that was described as a paradise in my eyes, as it was surrounded by unspoilt nature, where the only leisure was to venture into it and/or get to know the volunteers. It was what I needed!


I spent exactly three weeks in that fantastic place which had incredible beneficial effects on my body and mind. Three weeks where I was enriched with joy, peace and awareness. I learned many new skills and made friends with people from all over the world.

If you want to know more about the volunteering experience I had you can watch the dedicated content on Instagram by clicking here.

Portugal – Natural waterfalls

The accommodation where I offered help



At the end of my experience in Portugal, I flew to Tenerife! A volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I went there at the invitation of a friend who was going to host me.

Non sono fan delle località troppo turistiche (chi mi conosce lo sa) ma un invito del genere di certo non si può rifiutare e comunque la curiosità di esplorare una nuova terra non mi manca mai! E così ci andai. Passai una settimana di sole, caldo e tanto mare tra le onde dell’oceano! Surfing and hiking in the mountains and on the volcano Teide (content available here).

Tenerife is very scenically beautiful but definitely not my ideal destination.

Dashing through the streets of the island

Tenerife Beaches

Road Trip

Then came two weeks of "impasse" in Italy where I tried to return, very slowly, to daily life. They were short-lived, because soon Ben landed in Italy!

Ben is the English guy I met in Portugal who is present in various stories on Instagram and with whom I immediately established an incredible affinity! We got to know each other quickly and he quickly decided: "I want to do a road trip with you in Italy!"


A road trip with a guy I had just met, in Portugal, and whose culture and language is different from mine? Wow, absolutely yes!


I couldn't be sure if it was serious or not but I took it literally, and so it was.

Those who follow me know, the trip was made and it was an adventure to say the least! Exactly the trip I'd been waiting for all my life: those unorganised ones, where the unknown and improvisation are the protagonists.

If you're curious to know how it went, you can relive our trip by clicking on this link where we have shown the places we visited and communicated updates in real time.

Ben and I – Road Trip Departure

Night under the stars in Val D'Orcia

But like all journeys, there is a beginning and an end.


Just two days ago I took Ben to the airport, I went back to my (little) working life and, as you can imagine, I went back to writing and continuing to feed my project that I care so much about!


I have many, many and perhaps too many ideas in my head and for the development of the site and I could not be happier!

Travelling also helps me in this respect: it makes me forget the daily problems and stresses at home and stimulates my creativity.

Something is boiling in the pot: don't think I've stopped because I can't wait to rekindle the flame and create lots of new content!


What can I say, that's what's new.

That's where I was: filling up on life.

Travelling is good for me and I feel full of energy to resume this journey together in the best possible way.


Thanks to you who are reading these lines for being curious about my path; I hope to "see" you again soon and I also hope to entertain you as much as possible with lots of content that I want to throw out soon.

Thank you for being here and supporting me.


A sincere wish for a good life.

Remember to love, smile and be grateful every day.

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  • Pierangela
    9 November 2021

    Bravo Alex! Ti sento bello carico. Ricordati che è bellissimo avere mille idee ma sappi che è solo una quella vincente. Spero tanto che tu abbia un buon “asso” nella manica. Alla prossima e continua a crederci.


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