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My story

My story

I’ll be brief, I won’t tell you about that time that I walked on the moon or about when I discovered America but I did something.

Most of my young twenties have been marked by shyness accompanied by a strong sense of inadequacy that has always limited myself a lot. I can problably make the idea comparing myself to a snail, with the only difference that I never came out from the shell, I just couldn’t do that.

I knew I had to act somehow to improve that side of my character and what did rescue me was tennis.

It was my main vent; the court was the only place where I was finally able to be myself and free myself from thoughts (well, at least until when I was losing and so I became mad with the whole world, but that’s another story).

La mia storia - 2

This sport it’s been a big help, thanks to it I grew up a lot and it helped me to get out of the shell, at least with a small part of the body.

What truly gave a great turning point to my life, however, have been the journeys and I’m infinitely grateful for it.

How was my passion for travel born?

I’ve always liked to wander but, the true passion was born in 2017 when my parents, taken from an act of generosity, decided to give me some loose to do a trip and, as a great tennis fan, I decided to go to see a tournament in Stuttgart, Germany.

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It was all pretty improvised in fact I haven’t even found someone willing to leave with me. So I took the chance to leave alone, with the full support of my mom (yes, of course).


I felt the need to get out there, put myself out there, to overthrow my biggest insecurities… And so I did.

Very common to say but very true: I did the right thing, at the right moment.

That experience was an enormous discovery: traveling alone is cool and I can’t help it anymore!

The same year I did a fantastic school trip in Bosnia-Herzegovina, one of the most significant journeys of my life. I met wonderful people and discovered a reality I had never seen before.

That trip opened my eyes and my mind. I realized for the first time how a travel can really change not only your life but even the way you look at it.

Marcel Proust

"The true voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes."

Then followed several adventures with friends around Europe until, the following summer, I decided to have another solo experience. That time, however, I decided to put myself definitely more to the test!

Marked by the trip in Bosnia-Herzegovina I decided to go deeper going to explore the Balkans.

I took a flight for Athens, Greece with the aim of crossing several Balkans countries heading north, along the coast, before returning to my homeland.

Not everything went as planned at all!

In fact, being able to find a roof where to spend the nights wasn’t exactly easy.

Why? I'll tell you in future articles.

Anyway, I’ve been able to take the best from that journey and it was an absolutely marvelous adventure.

Thanks to that experience I started to appreciate the unpredictable and to embrace the adversity, turning them into possibilities.

The following year I finally managed to get my diploma and, with it, the fateful question arose:

``What do I do now?``

I had some ideas, but I wanted to travel. So, using the usual justification “travel will let me find answers”, I renounced the graduation trip and I refused three job proposals to leave for Melbourne, Australia. Finally.

I did what I wanted, what I always dreamed of and, nowadays is the choice of life that I am most proud of.

I lived with families who welcomed me as a son and I built relationships with adorable people that had left indelible memories in my heart.

I learned to appreciate life in its simplicity, smiling at it and being grateful for it, everyday more.

It’s been, without any doubt, the most beautiful and significant year of my life.

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