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Nature as healing for the soul

Nature as healing for the soul

How to transform its benefits into positive energy?

Whether or not you are a nature lover, nature surrounds us and is our most precious resource, yet we often tend to forget about it. It contains infinite benefits, including the "magical" healing power it has over our soul and mood.


Admiring it, I realize the power it has to lighten you, to free you from anxieties and worries. That feeling of relief and inner peace, the deep breath and spontaneous smile that is reflected on your face when you see the intense green of the vegetation.

We depend on it in its total simplicity.

Amit Ray

“Looking at the beauty of nature is the first step in purifying the mind.”

How to transform its benefits into positive energy?

A walk through the shrubs, the green of the leaves, its scent.

For me this is incredibly exciting, and it makes me feel better. It improves my mood.

It recharges me and I feel richer because it is from nature that we get our energy.

It has this bizarre, magical healing power for our soul that is unparalleled. Nature is life and perfume for our lungs and our mind, our body.

Nature is well-being.

Stop and visualize for a few seconds its many different nuances.

Think, for example, of the tranquility of dawn and the melancholy of sunset, or the absolute white of the stars lighting up space. And what about the clouds which, with their bizarre shapes, create art forms in the sky?

And then the warmth of the sun, the cold of winter, rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms.


Then dwell on the beauty of the seasons.

Think of autumn with its bare trees, winter and its stillness. And then the wonder of spring when everything is reborn and glows with colour, ending with the heat and long days of summer; then autumn again bringing balance and the cycle begins again.

This: the violent and satisfying power of nature.

Nature as inspirational muse

It has so much to teach us!

Nature is in no hurry and yet it shows us how everything comes together.

It teaches us to slow down and makes us realize that often we simply have to be patient and let things take their course.


It teaches us how perfection does not exist and that it is okay.

Just as trees can be twisted and curved in a bizarre way, they will still be beautiful. And we too are special in our uniqueness: we learn to appreciate imperfection and to love ourselves.


Last but not least, nature proves to us that we are just an invisible dot in front of it.

We believe ourselves to be superior but do not realize the brute force it has is incomparable to our own. And we will have to learn, instead of destroying it, to love it and live in harmony with it, taking care of it and respecting it.

Let's reconnect with it

Isn't that incredible?

I reflect on how it has so many positive influences on us, and yet there is little that is strange about it. We are born and raised in it, it is our nature and it is sad coming to wonder at the positive effects it has on us.


We are looking for great experiences, luxury hotels and enriching ourselves with objects when, at the end of the day, nature is the greatest spectacle we have and it's free!

Every day we have the wonderful opportunity to admire the magical colors of the sky at dawn and dusk, to fantasize about the particular shape of the clouds and to admire the countless stars above us.


So dwell on the small and appreciate the wonder of nature.

Treat yourself to some emotions today by allowing yourself a few moments in close contact with it, and you will reap endless benefits.


Here are a few suggestions to reconnect with nature and transform its benefits into positive energy:

– Take a walk in the open air;

– Savor the smell of vegetation;

– Lie on the ground in bare feet;

– Meditate and breathe deeply in your favorite park;

– Sit beside a river and watch the endless flow of water;

– Admire the calmness of nature in front of a lake and watch how everything moves more slowly.

Often it takes very little to restore our balance and nature is the perfect example.

Now slip on a pair of shoes, put on a big smile and go and enjoy a little wellbeing in the midst of it!

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