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Far from thoughts, close to the heart

Far from thoughts, close to the heart

How living in the present improves your days, and your life!

You spend your days with your head whirling with incessant thoughts that toss you from right to left, making you exhausted at the end of the day and wanting only to close your eyes, rest and not to think, but the thoughts also block your sleep.


You don't realize it but you have entered a spiral of doubts that limit your days and your serenity, you are not present and you are beginning to be aware of it.

It's time to act, you want to act and you know it's time to take matters into your own hands.


Initially you almost desperately look for a solution but then you realize, taking your cue from the wise sentences read and re-read on the web, that suffering must be accepted and therefore you sit with it trying to understand whether it is right or wrong to let time pass.

So, almost out of laziness, you convince yourself that "down" periods exist and serve to better appreciate the serene and carefree moments, so you accept them and "suffer" the future of events and emotions that affect you.

Signs of hope

Then a drop of rain falls from the sky, and more and more follow – a downpour is born. You stop to admire it and wait for it to stop.

You start walking home again and look up to see a colorful, clear sky: a large, bright rainbow has formed over the surrounding countryside and a slight smile marks your face.


You smile with a small grimace and think that maybe there was nothing wrong with those emotions. Maybe it's a sign, you think.

And you go back to freeing yourself from your thoughts; that vortex that was sucking you in seems to have lost its intensity and you are slowly lightening up, lifting yourself out of it and exiting happily.

Carefreeness strikes you again and you realize you are there, again.

And then that friend you haven't seen for so long comes to visit you.

Several months had kept you apart but now you can finally see each other and you realize that you have so much to talk about but you understand instantly that nothing has changed between you, your friendship endures despite distance and time.


You rediscover the light-heartedness that had been lost almost magically and in the most unexpected moment and once again you think about how absurd life is.

A day in the park talking about this and that, admiring the clouds and smiling incessantly thinking about nothing but living that very momentthinking about nothing but living that very moment.

Carefreeness as happiness

This is the power and magic of light-heartedness.


Often it can come from a specific place we are in or pleasant events that happen to us at a specific time. Other times (and these are my favorites), it comes from the people closest to you.

From those people who influence you positively almost without realizing it, and you do it to each other. Neither of you put any effort into it but simply live in the moment.

Perhaps, believing in such a strong and lasting relationship gives you a certainty that is unparalleled and makes your problems and thoughts disappear.


You know that you can count on it and you realize that this is enough and you stop for a second to appreciate how important this is and how lucky you are to have this person by your side.


And so you regain balance, stability, carefreeness.

You don't know how long it will last but you don't even ask yourself because you are too preoccupied with living in the present and you think that you can easily compare happiness to total carefreeness.

Yes, just like that. Zero thoughts but strong emotions that make you feel present in the extreme.


This is the life you want and these are the moments when you realize that everything is much simpler than you think.

An accomplice look, understanding each other with little and the beauty of a smile.

Far from thoughts, close to the heart.

Appreciate the ups and downs of life

I wish you, too, to find your balance in life, among the ups and downs it offers: appreciate everything because everything happens for a specific reason.


Don't look for light-heartedness, it will come at the moment you least expect and in the situation you least foresee. That is the beauty of it and of life.

Live and smile, carefree.


Have a good life!

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