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Introducing myself

Introducing myself

(Updated 30 December, 2021)

My name is Alex, I was born in ‘99 and I also have the traveler’s disease.

I was born and grew up in Ferrara, a town in Emilia Romagna in northern Italy but I also lived one year in Melbourne, Australia.

It was right during my permanence in the kangaroo’s land where the idea of opening the blog came up.

Nature lover, I like to appreciate it in her simplest aspects.

Getting lost in long hikes through the forests and to contemplate the stars timeless is my definition of happiness. Oh yeah, even admiring the sunrise by the sea or on top of a mountain touches me very deeply.

Apart from travel, I am a big tennis and music fan.

Tennis accompanies me since the age of seven and it’s been (it still is today) essential in the formation of the person who I am.

Music, instead, there’s always been. Raised among Aerosmith and Pink Floyd I can say I’ve had a happy childhood.

Getting out of my comfort zone is what makes me feel most alive. I love to challenge myself and I value personal growth a lot; I reckon that change and progress in ourselves is what helps keep us active and full of new stimuli.

I strongly support sharing, the curiosity and the active commitment in what we truly believe in.

The values I believe in

– The respect

– The love of life

– The gratitude

– The persistence

My strengths

– The positivity


– The listening

– The organization

– The reliability

What represents me most I believe is my extreme love for life! I love every single aspect of it: from the happy and carefree moments when time seems to stand still to the "no" periods when nothing seems to mean anything, because it is precisely those moments when we can get to know ourselves better and appreciate our happiness to the fullest.


Travel has certainly accentuated this side of my character, making me more and more grateful every day, but it is something that has always belonged to me.

I love smiles and smiling and the phrase I hear most often when I travel is "your smile is contagious" which makes me extremely happy.


In a planet that is changing and where people communicate more behind the screen I like to think that I bring a little joy, love of life and positivity into people's livesDespite the fact that we are moving towards a world that is more virtual than real I like to believe in the simplicity of small things and therefore in smiles, dialogue and nature. In the end, aren't these the moments when we are happiest?

If you find yourself in these words you are welcome to join in, because this is what you will find in this small space of mine on the web.

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