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Why complicate life?

Why complicate life?

That is why it is much simpler than you think.

How many times have we read/heard people say that life is that long winding and difficult path to take?


I never thought too much about that sentence until a few weeks ago when I realized the importance of living simply.

Are we really sure that it is life that is difficult or are we the ones who complicate it? The conclusion came to me quickly: we are the culprits.


Our existence is the greatest gift we have been given and the most beautiful aspect of it is that we are the authors of our own destiny.

Of course, there will be more unpleasant moments and situations that we cannot control, but that does not mean that life has to be a complicated journey.

What makes life so difficult?

What makes life so “complicated” are the thoughts and anxieties we constantly create for ourselves, due to the society in which we live, which always repeats the standards we have to meet and makes us feel judged.

But above all, what worsens the quality of our existence the most is our inability to live in the present.

We are in a constant oscillation between past thoughts and future anxieties, forgetting that what really counts is the exact moment in which we live.

When was the last time you felt truly carefree?

Perpetually doubting ourselves between phrases such as "what if I had done that thing..." or "who knows what will happen if..."?

Have you ever tried instead to ask yourself: "what can make this moment magically special? Am I living in the here and now?

Probably not, which is completely normal for the human mind but today I would appreciate it if you would start to reflect on these words and try to introduce them into your daily life as soon as you recognise that your mind is diverting between states of mind living in the past and/or future.

What if you put fear aside?

Too often we tend to exaggerate situations that don't even belong to us out of simple fear.

Fear of uncertainty and fear of not being able to control the future but, on reflection, will dwelling on it somehow make the situation better?

The answer is no, because nothing is more uncertain than the future and the only thing we can do is become self-aware and wait for events to unfold, enjoying the present moment to the fullest, smiling at the beauty of life.


And so stop complicating things.

It is not life that is difficult but we are the ones who make it so; so strive to keep things simple and remember the true essence of it: living every second of this magical present moment to the fullest.


You don't need to worry about the uncontrollable. In this moment there is you and this moment and nothing else matters.

Be the protagonist of your own life and I can assure you that, although you cannot expect to live completely carefree, a light life with fewer thoughts is a life worth living and that it tastes ten times better.


Now, just as you have read these lines and immersed yourself in the present moment, go and live your own life concentrating only on the here and now and pushing away those thoughts that keep you trapped in that spiral with no way out. It will be worth it.


Have a good life!

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