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Why is it so important to embrace unpredictability?

Life is a continuous process of adaptation to new, unforeseen and unpredictable situations. In order to survive we must be able to venture on unknown paths.
Francesco Alberoni

Why is it so important to embrace unpredictability?

Everything happens for a specific reason.

A long time ago I was the kind of person who complained a lot whenever something didn't go as planned, I always wanted to have everything under control and the idea that some event could go differently than I had planned would drive me crazy. Then, as I traveled, I started to change my perspective.


I noticed this during my first solo experiences when I used to plan everything down to the smallest detail, and especially when I decided to embark on my first “long” touring trip through the Balkans where nothing went as planned.


Although it was a shock at first and that unpredictability sent me into a rage, I began to appreciate it when those detours and unpleasant incidents always led to a direction and a solution.

They made me cross paths with new people, gave me new advice and gave me new life lessons.

What if there is a reason for this?

As a matter of fact, I started to ask myself: "what if there is a reason for this?"

I like to believe that everything happens for a specific reason and that every little deviation leads to a new consequence, whether pleasant or not.

Sometimes it can be difficult to accept, but if you learn to look on the bright side of unpredictability, I assure you that everything will be easier to accept and live with.


Just a few days ago I had to give up a trip to Barcelona, a city I have been wanting to visit for too long. Not only that, but I would have been able to catch up with friends I haven't seen for years and I really wanted to, but unfortunately I couldn't go.


I was terribly sorry but there was frankly nothing I could do about it and so, instead of despairing, I simply thought that there was a reason why it had to be that way.

Maybe life was trying to send me a message telling me that my existence and my mind must now live in the present moment here, in my city.

Maybe that trip would have brought me negative consequences, or maybe not, it just didn't seem to be the right time to go.

And what's wrong with that? I like to think that if it went that way, it was because it was right, and there is no better way to accept "disappointments" than in this way: by accepting.

Focus on the positive side

There is nothing wrong with your everyday life, everyday stress and mishaps. It may seem unfair at times, but I urge you to always look on the bright side of events: instead, think about how lucky you are to have everything you have.

Focus on the small and the preciousness of the details.

The beauty of life, in my opinion, lies in the unpredictability.

Can you imagine a regular, flat life, without obstacles? In my opinion, it would be too boring. Besides, it is only through accidents that we learn to grow and get to know ourselves better.


So we learn to welcome the unpredictability and magic of the messages it sends us.

And remember that the person you are now, and the moment, the place where you are right now, is nothing but the consequence of multiple events that happened to you in the past (pleasant and not pleasant).


And guess what? You have always gone beyond. You have always faced and overcome everything, so this time it will be the same.


Have a good life!

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