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Which card do you choose?

Which card do you choose?

Today, choose to be happy.

The phone alarm rings. You wake up with your face wrinkled, take courage and get up because another day awaits you.


You leave the soft mattress that has gently taken the shape of your body and look out of the window of your room. You look out at nature and the fresh air, at the sky, and you recognize that a new day is ahead of you, with all the countless possibilities it has to offer.


Now is the time to make a choice. Let's play together!

Take a pack of cards

Grab a pack of cards and place it on your left hand. Happiness, dreams, gratitude, life occupy half of that deck; stress, disappointment, sadness and mediocrity represent the rest of the cards.

How are you feeling today?
What is your goal?

Do you have a reason to be happy, to get up and work for your dreams or is today yet another day where you wake up disappointed and nothing seems to make sense?


Whose side are you on?


Wherever you are and whatever your mood is on this day, you have a huge opportunity: to choose.

Choose to be happy, to take charge of your dreams, nurture them and live your life with extreme passion. Or choose to continue in the mediocrity of the usual routine.

Do you like what you do? Are you happy today?


Don't be afraid. Every day is a new opportunity, a new beginning and yet another chance to live your best life. What are you going to do?

Make a choice

I choose to live, to live intensely.

Every day I look out of my bedroom window, look at the sky and think that today will be a wonderful day too. Yes, it will! Even if I have to work, even if I have to face unpleasant situations, even if the sun doesn't shine and even if I woke up in a bad mood.


Because if you think about it, how lucky are you to have everything you have?

Rejoice in everything that surrounds you. Focus on the positive, and even if your day is full of pitfalls, then they will be opportunities for growth.

But please: listen to yourself.


If the answer to the question "are you happy today?" is negative, take matters into your own hands and make a change.

As frightening and arduous as it may seem, in my opinion, remaining stuck in your own mediocrity is the most terrible thing a human being can choose to do.

The right card

Today choose to love yourself, choose your happiness, choose yourself and find what makes you smile. Don't waste another beautiful day of possibilities: today is the best time to choose.


And so, once you have chosen the pack of cards that suits you best, grab it with your right hand and hold it up to your heart. Hold it tight while looking at the horizon: smile, be grateful and reflect.

Talk to yourself out loud – don't be afraid to sound crazy.

Set yourself goals for the day and be brave.

Life is a wonderful journey and I choose to be happy.

Put the pack of cards back in the box and get to work – you have a magical chance to be happy today too. Listen to yourself and choose wisely, appreciate yourself.

This story is taken from my everyday life.

No, I don't really pick up a pack of cards every morning, but it's true that every day the first thing I do after getting out of bed is to head to the window and tell myself that today too will be a wonderful day.

I hope I have inspired and motivated you to find your vocation and set about fulfilling your dreams. The result will not be guaranteed, but what could be nicer than saying: “I tried and I tried hard”?

I wish you a wonderful day and a bright life, enriched with joy and light-heartedness.

Thank you for taking the time to read. See ya soon!

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