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Discover yourself by traveling – #4 episode

Discover yourself by traveling – #4 episode

Finally a new podcast now online!


This episode tells the crazy adventure of Tyler, a New Zealander who moved to Italy in 2019 with his girlfriend.

Things didn't go as planned, so he had the curious idea of buying a bike, a fishing rod and embarking on a reckless adventure on the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy to the Dolomites!


Tyler really enjoyed this crazy journey and it was a pleasure to be able to talk about it and share his story!

Below is a collection of photos and videos chronicling the adventures and misadventures of his experience.


I'll leave you the podcast with a wonderful quote from him: “I was alone with my bicycle and my fishing rod, and I was happy like that. I didn't need anything else.”


Enjoy listening!

Climbing towards Verbier, very hot

Camping – after the second day

Bike maintenance

Day two – first signs of snow, two Swiss women ask if we were lost

Up up up

At least it was incredible

Ibexes everywhere – I think I heard the ibexes laughing at us, but maybe I was hearing things because I was so tired after sixteen hours uphill with a bike in my hand

The Ibex House

Alone from this point on – near Domodossola looking for fish

Lunch – la dolce vita, cycling and fishing

A nice place to sleep

An incredible place to sleep. The Baitel near Livigno, Tyler's home for four nights

Passo dello Stelvio – the descent from here was the best I've ever done on a bike

Ortler – 3905m

The descent from the Stelvio Pass – really fun but steep, technical, dangerous, long. From 2800m altitude down to 900m

Lunch – I was woofing on the way to a farm in South Tyrol for a week. There were three of us woofers and I fed them all every night with fresh fish from the nearby Adige river.


Finally to the Dolomites

My route through the Sassolungo – again: it is not a bike route and I took it by hand. I have never seen a bicycle here

A beautiful campsite – Alta Badia

The descent to Cortina

Road closed on the Piave River but there was no alternative for bikes – a bit scary this bumpy road in the middle of nowhere

Prohibition but after a while I decided to continue anyway

Near the border with Slovenia – I have not caught anything here

I didn't know that I could also reach Slovenia!

P.s: I apologise for the audio quality. Organising a podcast from 18,500 kilometres away was not easy, but I hope that you will grasp the value of Tyler's words and treasure them.

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