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Discover yourself by traveling – #1 episode

Discover yourself by traveling – #1 episode

Dear reader, It is with much pleasure that I welcome you to this new format now available on Be Adventurer blog.

It's a series of episodes in which I'll be interviewing guests who have something meaningful to talk about.


As you probably know, in fact, traveling has turned my life upside down thanks to the challenges it has offered me and the purpose of this blog is precisely to highlight the importance that journeys has in our personal growth.


I really hope you get inspired by hearing the stories of people who, just like me, have made travel a way of life!

Sit back and listen to the words of Elettra, my sister, who has decided to take a rather unusual journey of maturity, using only the strength of her own body and will.


Ecco il video della pazza avventura di Elettra e Giovanni nel loro viaggio di maturità alternativo!

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Viaggio per trovare la migliore versione di me stesso. Scrivo per condividere l'importanza di utilizzare il viaggio come strumento per conoscersi e superare i propri limiti.


  • Vivian
    4 April 2021

    Alex your adventure blog is fabulous, you are such a great story teller and you know how to help other travellers. Well done!! Vivian your workaway host. We miss you xoxoxoxoxo


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