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Travel to grow

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I nostri piedi sono sia le nostre radici, sia le nostre ali per volare. È normale provare amore per la nostra terra d’origine ma, se non impariamo a volare, non scopriremo mai le bellezze che il nostro pianeta ha da offrire.
Elettra Negrini

How travelling has changed my life

Travelling has thousands of facets.


Who travels for passion, who travels for work, who simply to get away from the daily frenzy. Everyone interprets it in a different way, yet there is one thing they all have in common: the journey changes you, deeply.


Oh yeah... There are those who seek change, for some reason, and those who simply suffer it.


I wanted it, I still want it, and this is what I want to convey to you: to use the journey as an opportunity to grow and break down your obstacles.

mountain, top, adventure

I spent several years wandering around Europe without a real purpose, if not to visit new places.

Traveling in that way, however, did not fill the void that I had inside. I always returned with bitterness in my mouth, something was missing.


As I recounted in my presentation, shyness marked much of my youth in a negative way making me, in fact, unhappy with the person I was.


It was like playing hide-and-seek in a huge, dense forest: I was desperately looking for a solution to my problem, but I couldn't find any.

Yet the key was so close and resided in the journeys.


Driven by a strong desire for change, I decided to travel alone for the first time when I was seventeen, and that was my salvation.

``Going solo is an incredible
growth experience. Stranger land, friends who are not your own, you are alone and you have to make do.

I began to set myself objectives, challenges for exceed my limits.

From the most ridiculous to the coarsest things, I wanted to eliminate shyness.


Imagine a boy with a thousand fears, introverted, totally insecure... Try to think how much a step like that could frighten him, leaving completely alone.

I assure you, a lot. Believe me.


But that's exactly what I had to do to grow upconfronting my fears and facing them, overcoming them.


I came back different: a grown-up person, with more values, more open-minded, more responsible and more mature.

I have learned that loneliness is not an enemy indeed, it can often turn out to be your best friend.


This is why I can no longer do without traveling alone, because what leaves me a solo experience is unparalleled.

It catapults you into a different vision, in which you are the protagonist and you are the one who decides who you want to be and above all who you want to become.

Alex Negrini

"Travelling is much more than just moving.
Travelling for me is riding the roller coaster, getting full of adrenaline and daydreaming.
Travelling means feeling alive, connecting with the world.
Travelling is about giving and receiving.
Travelling is happiness and melancholy. Fears and insecurities.
Travelling is the best thing you can do if you want to make the most of your life."

This is what I want to tell you with this blog.

I want to ignite in you the desire to set out on new adventures and teach you how to make the most of them.


The journey is discovery.


Stay with me on this long journey and discover how it can really change your life.

Viaggio per trovare la migliore versione di me stesso. Scrivo per condividere l'importanza di utilizzare il viaggio come strumento per conoscersi e superare i propri limiti.


  • Pierangela
    16 January 2021

    Ciao Alex! Interessante il tuo articolo, scorrevole e simpatico. Il mio consiglio è credere in quello che fai e vedrai che crederanno in te anche gli altri. Buon proseguimento di avventure.

  • Vivian
    17 January 2021

    Alex we miss you so much, we loved hosting you in Melbourne, Australia. You’re such an amazing person with a big heart and so much passion and love for life. We learnt a lot from you about kindness, authenticity and how to learn from every experience. We cannot wait for you to come back to your home in Melbourne. We look forward to doing more travelling together next time you are here. So much more to see and experience together! We love you as big as the sky!


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