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Wilson Promontory

Wilson Promontory

Wild nature, paradise beaches and wildlife – are you ready for some adventure?



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The trip


Big Drift Walk


Mount Oberon


Squeaky Beach



One of the beautiful beaches of Wilson Promontory


This earthly paradise is located in the southeastern part of the state of Victoria, Australia and is particularly known and appreciated for its unique and breathtaking landscapes, its incredible beaches and the rich wildlife that populates the entire headland.

I explored it in March 2020, exactly eight days before the covid-19 restrictions came into effect in Melbourne, so it was a very special visit for me.


For the exploration I chose an organized tour. I must say that I have never liked them and I've always tried to avoid them but, if you don't have a car, reaching the promontory is an arduous task since there are no public means of transport able to reach it, so the organized tour was the only solution.


The program was as follows:


– First stop: Big Drift Walk

– Second stop: Mount Oberon

– Third stop: Squeaky beach


But I stress that I wasn't aware of it because I wanted to avoid getting my hopes up and thus enjoy the surprise of the moment.

The trip

7 a.m, Melbourne CBD: we met Michael, our super guide for this adventure and the other three travel companions.

A good coffee to shake the still-sleeping brain and we were ready to go.


We started our ride towards the Australian freeways and, kilometer after kilometer, the landscape began to fade away. From the imposing skyscrapers and humanity of Melbourne, the green color of nature and the surrounding forests took more and more shape: the typical Australian country.

Scattered among boundless plots of land, during the trip, we made a few brief stops at the typical truck stops along the highways. They're not much different from ours in Italy, but those who know me know that anything down there was special in my eyes.

After about three hours of pleasant travel we arrived at our first destination: Big Drift Walk.

Big Drift Walk

We parked the van in a desolate, sandy area near a forest. The first thing I noticed when I got out of the van was a sign saying "warning, snakes in this area": the situation was as exciting as it was dangerous.

Michael reassured us with the usual relaxed Australian manner: "ahh just chill mate, don't need to worry".


Thus, with a good dose of adrenaline began our day at Wilson Promontory.


We walked along this sandy path in the middle of the forest and, right from the start, the walk proved to be crazy: winding passages in the midst of rich and dense vegetation.

At a certain point we arrived in front of this surreal and super steep "ramp" of sand.

The steep sandy ramp we climbed

Very slowly we climbed it and in front of us there was an infinite and unique splendor: an immense desert of sand.

It was the first time in my life that I had seen such desolation, which excited me quite a bit.

Desert and wilderness

The absurd thing is that it wasn't really a desert, but an incredible amount of sand transported by the wind over the years, which had contributed, thanks to the currents, to create this surreal scenario.


We didn't stay long but it was sensational.As far as I was concerned, that landscape had immediately proven to me that Australia is a magnificent land.

We slowly made our way back to the car to head to our next destination: Mount Oberon, a mountain well known in Victoria for the incredible views from its summit.

Mount Oberon

With the van windows rolled down and the wind in our hair, we continued to speed along the deserted and magnificent trails of Wilson Promontory.


We stopped for a short lunch break somewhere dispersed in that corner of paradise in Victoria and enjoyed lunch.

Taking care not to leave any dirt behind we headed up the mountain. We made a short, steep drive up the mountain with amazing views and reached the parking lot.

Shoes on your feet and a good dose of adventure: ready, set, go.

Going up the mountain

The ascent to the mountain is steep and tough but every few hairpin turns there is a glimpse that gives a wonderful view of the ocean. In addition, the entire route is full of typical Australian flora: tall shrubs and lots and lots of ferns.

As you approach the top everything becomes even more interesting and exciting: unspoiled valleys, glimpses of the ocean everywhere, steep alleys and wild nature. Until you reach the top: describing the beauty you can admire from up there is a difficult task, for me time had stopped.

View from the top – Mount Oberon

An intense shiver ran down my back, as well as an unstoppable goose bumps marked my arms, admiring such magnificence.


I was on the other side of the world, in the place of my dreams and on top of a beautiful mountain admiring the endless ocean. I still remember it as one of the best moments of my life.


We relaxed breathing the mountain breeze in that small and precious place.

We took a few pictures, enjoyed the scenery and slowly it was time to leave for our next destination: Squeaky beach.

Squeaky Beach

With slight bitterness (because I wished I could have stayed on that summit forever), we slowly descended the mountain to reach our van and get back on track along the fascinating roads of the headland.


Driving at a slow pace among the remote routes of the peninsula is a pleasant pleasure: there is only you, the wild nature and the wonderful beaches.


So the time had come: we were about to complete our exploration with a visit to a really curious place. Yes, because "squeaky beach" literally means that the sand is squeaky.


Its peculiarity in fact lies in the sand, which emits its own sound when you step on it. The reason for this is that, when you step on the sandy surface, the particles rub against each other and the air between the grains of sand must somehow escape. The noise is emitted precisely by the air escaping and the particles rubbing together.

Curious as hell, isn't it?

Traveling the streets of the cape in the van

We left a few kilometers behind us and slowly reached our destination. We parked like always in a sandy area and, as usual, some forest crossed by the typical Australian wooden walkways awaited us, I loved those passages!

We ventured out into the wilderness for a few minutes and then finally came upon this immense shiny white beach. Wonderful.

The wonderful Squeaky Beach

Guess what the first thing I did was? Obviously making this beach sound a little bit!

It was all true: the footsteps actually made the much-discussed sound from the sand! You can listen to it in the video below, I can assure you it wasn't coming from my shoes.


It might not seem like anything special to you, but for me it was amazing and I thought: "how beautiful is nature?

Although you had to tread heavily on the sand to make the sound, it remained super fascinating to me!


Well, now I felt accomplished but in front of such a beach, don't you take a bath in the endless ocean?

I admit that it was a bit chilly. The sky was gloomy, it was about twenty degrees and the water was freezing: all this excited me a lot and I had no doubt, I had to jump in!


Sharp shivers slowly ran down my back, it was time: 3, 2, 1.... Running wild in the ocean!

Few times in my life I felt so alive, it was a true bath of life and it was wonderful!


The gloomy sky, the cold no longer existed, any kind of problem vanished. Only one thing was present: an infinite joy and an extreme desire for life and living.

It was sensational.


The remaining time was spent wandering the beach.

With my eyes I took a deep picture of that magnificent place and before leaving, I made a remark with Michael, our guide. I said to him, "mate, can you imagine living here? It would be really awesome to have a house on that hill, wake up in the morning and admire the ocean."


He replied, "that would be cool yes, dude, but don't you think the beauty of this place comes from the very fact that there is no humanity? Wild nature predominates, and I think that's what makes this place wonderful.”

Selecting the best photos at Squeaky Beach

I realized how selfish man can be. He was right.

We want to be in control of everything, neglecting the true essence around us.

I'm thankful that place is devoid of humanity and I really hope it stays that way for as long as possible.


I greeted Squeaky Beach promising her that this would not be the last time, sooner or later in my life I would come back to visit her.


We headed for the car and Michael decided to give us a wonderful surprise, he said: "we still have some time left, do you feel like going in search of some emus and kangaroos?


How could anyone refuse? I recognized that in Australia I had stopped saying "no", so ready for another adventure, the last one of the day!


WARNING: did you by chance forget that there are dangerous animals in Australia?

Well yes, an unexpected surprise was about to come our way. I'll tell it lightly, but I admit I shivered.

Just a stone's throw from our van, unexpectedly, Charlotte (one of our traveling companions) suddenly exclaimed: "HOLY BITCH! OH MY GOD, THERE'S A FUCKING SNAKE IN FRONT OF US!".

Snake right in front of us, in the middle of the vegetation

We were convinced he was joking but no, the following photo proves that he was indeed serious.

Luckily Michael was prepared for this kind of thing. He told us to stay absolutely still and he, being further away, started to tap his feet heavily on the ground: the vibrations of the ground keep the snakes away.


It was a moment in which we were in a cold sweat as Michael confirmed that it was a very poisonous snake and even deadly if not rescued in time.

Luckily we got out of there safe and sound (otherwise I wouldn't be here to talk about it, of course) and only then did we breathe a sigh of relief.

The headland was full of these beautiful and colorful birds

I considered that a little thrill was needed to make the day even more fun.

So with danger averted, we headed for the wildlife viewing area.


When we arrived at our destination we immediately met the emus (super cute).
Michael then regaled us with another tidbit that made us smile a lot!

Do you happen to have any idea how to attract emus other than with food?

According to Mike, what you can see in the video is a method that should work.

They didn't consider us at all but I admit it was hilarious, I was laughing my ass off at times, no joke!

After being brutally snubbed by the emus, we continued in search of the kangaroos and it took us very little time to find them. It's true, kangaroos are everywhere in Australia.

We took a few pictures, enjoyed the scenery and it was time to head back to the city.


So, as the sun set, I put my headphones in my ears and with the roar of the engine we made our way through the Australian country.

I thought back to how beautiful life is and a smile escaped me.


We faded into the infinite, colorful horizon and enjoyed the setting of the sun, thus ending one of the most beautiful days of my existence.

Would you like to experience the amazing hike with Michael too?

Book by clicking on the image below, he will be super happy to meet you and make sure you have a wonderful day!

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What I liked

The wilderness, the heavenly beaches, the endless ocean and the breathtaking views. Wilson Promontory is truly a magical place because it is devoid of humanity, at least when I visited it. E’ perfetto per chiunque voglia rilassarsi, fare un po’ di surf adrenalinico, qualche passeggiata nella natura o avvistare un po’ di fauna selvatica tipica.

What I didn't like

There is absolutely nothing I didn't like, this place is truly enchanting. If I really have to find something, perhaps, I would say the climb up the mountain: it requires some physical effort as it is quite steep and long but, in the end, the satisfaction of having completed the hard climb and being able to enjoy such beauty, repays all the efforts made.

For the rest I loved this magnificent place so much.

my advices

– Camp in the middle of nature: if you want to make the most of this paradise, camping here is definitely an experience not to be missed! Some of my friends have done it and I was amazed when I saw the pictures. The Australian sky is so cool, believe me! The sparse humanity on the headland, resulting in little light, gives way to the many stars above creating a unique spectacle!


– Take a multi-day touring road-trip: this is absolutely the best way to visit the cape. There's so much to see that if you visit in a day, you'll have to make a lot of sacrifices. If you can, drive to the headland so that you have a lot more flexibility. Also, the best thing about Australia is the wilderness, so speeding along the deserted roads, with nothing but nature on both sides is super fascinating and really enjoyable.


– Be open to everythingmany people visit the headland simply for its heavenly beaches but, as you may have noticed, it has so much more to offer. Do you want to go for a nice hike? A nice surf? Spot some wild animals in their natural habitat? Or, why not, just get away from it all and relax a bit?

Wilson Promontory might be just the thing for you, it really does have something for everyone. Whether it's a day-trip or a multi-day vacation, be open to anything! This place is full of adventures you can do.

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